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Wayne Paton - 营运经理

Glenn Scott - 喷射快艇驾驶员队长

Nick Simpson - 喷射快艇驾驶员

Mike Topp - 喷射快艇驾驶员

Mike Cammell - 喷射快艇驾驶员

Rob Cowles - 喷射快艇驾驶员

Ian Carswell - 喷射快艇驾驶员

Andy Patchett - 喷射快艇驾驶员

Niam Chronican - 喷射快艇驾驶员

Joseph Coutts - 喷射快艇驾驶员

Tony McCarthy - 喷射快艇驾驶员

Ryan Black - 喷射快艇驾驶员

Donald Boyer - 喷射快艇驾驶员

Clark Scott - 总经理

Nick Name: Scotty

Employed Since:1992

Wayne Paton - 营运经理

Employed Since:December 1999

Katie Ashbaugh - 客户服务部经理

Employed Since:May 2013

Brett Dingle - 维修部门经理

Tom Baker - 预订团队主管

Nick Name: Morris, Mo, Big Mo Baker, Ted

Grew Up:Ambleside, England Lake District

Background:Adventure Tourism and Events

Employed Since:November 2008

Hobbies:Mountain Biking, skiing, tramping, climbing and yoga

All things are difficult before they are easy!

Katie Gill - 零售部门经理

Employed Since:Jul 2008

Hobbies:Bikes, DH, XC or Road. Snowboarding and Running.

The red spark in photo retail

Kristyn Ouimet - 预订团队主管

Employed Since:Dec 2007

Hobbies:Ice Hockey, Yoga and eating maple syrup

Being a Cannook

Alison Coker - 客户服务

Employed Since:February 2007

Ariana McMillan - 客户服务

Employed Since:Sept 12

Cliff Baker - 机械师

Employed Since:November 2011

Years of careful personal development have developed me into such a fine upstanding individual!

Dennis Elder - 机械师

Devin Parker - 客户服务

Employed Since:2006

Emma Horncy - 客户服务

Employed Since:Nov 2005

Kerry Baker - 客户服务

Employed Since:June 2013


Sherrie Gwerder - 客户服务

Employed Since:Feb 2009

Hobbies:Netball, Wine and beer tasting

Love your work, it pays for your drinking habit

Tomika Terry - 客户服务

Employed Since:December 2010

Hobbies:Soccer, skiing and art

Tomika Terry, hotter than Katy Perry!

Wayne Patton
Glenn Scott
Nick Simpson
Driver Mike Topp
Mike Cammell
Rob Cowles
Ian Carswell
Andy Patchett
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A Clark Scott Scotty
Wayne Patton
Katie A
Brett Dingle
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Ariana Mc Millan
Cliff Baker
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Tomika Terry