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Wayne Paton - Operations Manager

Nick Name: Doctor

Born:19th January

Grew Up:Christchurch - New Zealand

Background:Jet Boating

Employed Since:December 1999

Hobbies:Mountain Biking, Boating and Skiing

Doctor Feelgood

Nick Simpson - Head Boat Driver

Nick Name: Doofy

Born:16th October

Grew Up:Between Rakaia and Methven

Background:Farm Management and Child Camp Councillor

Employed Since:May 2001

Hobbies:Spending time with my kids, Mountain Biking and Skiing

Nice, loud and to the point

Mike Topp - Jet Boat Driver

Nick Name: Toppopotamus

Born:13th February

Grew Up:Christchurch - New Zealand


Employed Since:February 2006

Hobbies:Mountain Biking, Snow Boarding, Skiing and my Girl

Matt's bromance

Mike Cammell - Jet Boat Driver

Nick Name: Camel, Pops, Old Timer, Super Dude, Top Guy!

Born:In hospital

Grew Up:Piha - New Zealand

Background:Bull Rider, Automotive

Employed Since:August 2004

Hobbies:Fishing, Bull Riding, Gold Prospecting and raising my twins to look after Daddy in his Golden Years!

Ridiculously good looking

Glenn Scott - Jet Boat Driver

Nick Name: Grub

Born:13th January

Grew Up:Waimumu - New Zealand

Background:Policeman and Jet Boat Driver

Employed Since:March 2008

Hobbies:Surfing, Snorkelling and Flying

The Spin meister

Andy Patchett - Jet Boat Driver

Nick Name: Andgry


Grew Up:Sunshine Coast, Aust & Auckland, New Zealand

Background:Building Trade, NZ Territorial Army

Employed Since:May 2012

Hobbies:Mountain Biking, Surfing and Snowboarding

Adventurise, high on life !

Rob Cowles - Jet Boat Driver

Nick Name: Rob Dawg

Born:22nd September

Grew Up:Southland - New Zealand


Employed Since:September 2009

Hobbies:Hunting, Mountain Biking, Anything with motors

Good looks, Natural talent

Ian Carswell - Jet Boat Driver

Nick Name: Jimmy, Scooter McGee

Born:8 August

Grew Up:Auckland - New Zealand

Background:Jet Boat Driver

Employed Since:September 2012

Hobbies:Mountain Biking, Snowboarding and Paragliding

The Splash meister

Liz Edgar - Administration Officer

Born:Enjoying the outdoors, swimming and golf

Grew Up:Australia

Background:IT and Garment trade

Employed Since:Feb 2011

Hobbies:Skiing and Samoyde Dogs

Typical Capricorn!

Fenagh Smith - Customer Services

Nick Name: Fee

Grew Up:Limerick, Ireland


Employed Since:August 2012

Hobbies:Socialising, eating potatoes, mashing potatoes ........anything with potatoes!

Loud, bubbly & slightly sarcastic =IRISH!

Grace Lindsay - Customer Services

Nick Name: Gracie, G Race and Gracie Lou

Born:18th October

Grew Up:Queenstown

Background:Born and bred in Queenstown, student

Employed Since:Dec 2009

Hobbies:Photography, hiking and fishing

Making the dreams happen

Helen Curtin - Customer Service

Nick Name: Hels

Grew Up:Manchester, England

Background:Training Officer

Employed Since:March 2013

Hobbies:Snowboarding, Hiking and Movies

Kim Godby - Customer Services

Nick Name: Jobbie

Born:3 August

Grew Up:Southland, New Zealand


Employed Since:December 2004


There can be only one!

Niam Chronican - Customer Service

Grew Up:Dunedin


Employed Since:July 2013

Hobbies:Surf lifesaving and snowboarding

Nicholas Harris - Customer Services

Nick Name: Nick, Narris, Nicknick

Born:20 November

Grew Up:Invercargill


Employed Since:December 2011

Hobbies:Waterpolo, socialising with friends

It's better to live like a tiger than die as a pussy

Janelle Carter - Customer Services

Nick Name: J

Grew Up:Timaru


Employed Since:September 2013

Hobbies:Watersports, Snowboarding and movies

Emma Milliken - Customer Services

Nick Name: Ems

Grew Up:Queenstown


Employed Since:October 2013

Hobbies:Sports and having fun

Jacky Ding - Customer Services

Nick Name: Jacky Chan

Grew Up:China

Background:Car Rentals

Employed Since:December 2013

Hobbies:Sports and music

Lucy Fisher - Customer Services

Grew Up:Invercargill


Employed Since:December 2013

Hobbies:Swimming and movies

Devin Parker - Customer Services

Grew Up:Christchurch

Employed Since:July 2006

Hobbies:BMX and Snowboarding

Emma Horncy - Customer Sevices

Nick Name: Emsy

Grew Up:Towoomba, Australia

Employed Since:November 2005

Hobbies:Golf and swimming

Gemma Sargent - Customer Services

Grew Up:Essex, England

Employed Since:December 2013

Hobbies:Hiking, Wine and Snowboarding

Katie Gill - Team Leader - Photo and Retail

Nick Name: Katie Pie

Grew Up:Hasn't yet!

Employed Since:June 2008

Hobbies:Biking, Pinot Noir and Snowboarding

Sherrie Gwerder - Customer Services

Nick Name: Gwerds

Grew Up:Taranaki/Winton

Employed Since:February 2009

Hobbies:Watching rugby and drinking

Arianna McMillan - Customer Services

Nick Name: Pashmina Pants

Grew Up:Chrischurch

Employed Since:September 2012

Hobbies:Hiking and swimming

Katie Ashbaugh - Customer Services Manager

Grew Up:Dunedin

Employed Since:May 2013

Hobbies:Hiking, reading, gardening and biking

Rosanna Danks - Customer Services

Nick Name: Rosie

Grew Up:Whangarei

Employed Since:April 2013

Hobbies:Hiking and Snowboarding

Swayze Parker - Customer Services

Grew Up:Raurima

Employed Since:October 2012

Hobbies:Horses, 4WDing and Skiing

Tomika Terry - Customer Services

Nick Name: Tommy

Grew Up:Queenstown

Employed Since:February 2010

Hobbies:Tanning, eating and Malteasers

Hamish Grant -

Grew Up:Queenstown/Dunedin

Employed Since:January 2014

Hobbies:Skateboarding, hunting and fishing

Jessica Barlow - Customer Services/Shuttle Driver

Nick Name: Jess

Grew Up:Wellington

Employed Since:August 2012

Hobbies:Waterskiing, snowboarding and weight training

Kristyn Ouimet - Team Leader

Nick Name: K-Mart

Grew Up:Ste-Barbe, Quebec, Canada

Employed Since:December 2007

Hobbies:Ice Hockey, Bikram Yoya and reading

Tom Baker - Team Leader - Reservations and Shuttles

Nick Name: Morris

Grew Up:Lake District, England

Employed Since:August 2008

Hobbies:Mountain biking, hiking, skiing and Bikram yoga

Briar Douglas - Customer Services

Grew Up:Queenstown

Employed Since:January 2014

Hobbies:Snowboarding and socialising

Rebekah Harp - Assistant Team Leader - Photo/Retail

Nick Name: Bex

Grew Up:Queenstown

Employed Since:March 2014

Hobbies:Sport (Touch, Basketball and Netball), cats and baking