50 Year Olds Ride Shotover Jet For Free


The ‘grande dame’ of tourism’s celebrating half a century of continuous commercial operation, so it seems only fair to share the love. 

To celebrate 50 years of Shotover Jet, the tourism icon is ‘calling on all 50 year olds’ to help acknowledge the milestone – with free jet boat rides on a Big Red, the world’s most exciting jet boat ride. 
What’s the catch? There isn’t one.  
The free trips throughout the month of November 2015 are valid for anyone born between November 1 1964 and 30 November 1965, a 13 month span of time.
All birthday boys and girls have to do is book ahead – it will be a busy month – and produce a New Zealand drivers’ licence or passport as valid ID.  
The offer’s up for grabs for anyone -- local, kiwi and all other 180-odd nationalities on the planet.
Even Shotover Jet’s own Business Manager Clark (Scotty) Scott is considering claiming his free trip as a newly-minted half-centenarian. 
“Now the world knows I’ve passed a milestone birthday but I’m happy to put the odd grey hair and distinguished good looks down to a few years spent working my way up from jet boat driver to Business Manager!” he says. 
• On November 13 2015, Shotover Jet will become the first jet boat operator in the world to reach a milestone 50 years’ of continuous operation. It started operations on the upper Shotover River in 1965 and was one of the experiences that helped put New Zealand on the global tourism map. 
• An original adventure tourism operator, not only is Shotover Jet still going, it’s still growing -- last year carrying over 140,000 people from around the world.  
For the latest updates go to the 50th site
( https://www.facebook.com/ShotoverJet50th )
Celebrating 50 years of Shotover Jet will be Shotover Jet Business Manager Clark Scott (50) while Queenstown school teacher Sarah Ferguson still has the milestone in her sights