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Mrs Doutbfire loves #shotoverjet

Mrs Doubtfire loves shotoverjet

Recently purchased a new rather flash looking microphone for the office camera. Being blonde and wanting to impress, thought I had better test it out and make sure it wasn’t too difficult to use.

Clearly needing some practice with the technicalities of cameras and accessories, I decided to head to Shotover Jet base at Arthurs Point to test it out and get some comments from customers. Jet boat driver Niam gave me some words of enthusiasm from his day so far “customers have been loving the trips today”. He loves driving especially when there is beautiful weather. Niam definitely recommends coming down to Shotover Jet.

Then I came across this dear older lady who was on her second day visiting Queenstown. While she was waiting to ride the ‘Big Red’ I had a chat to her and her friends. She joked that her male friend was having to take her as his girlfriend because his wife was not able to go. She was full of life and so excited as she had never been jet boating. She said “I am really looking forward to it, even though I am a little bit disabled. You’ve got to do these things while you can”. She had the biggest smile on her face. It was so great to see.

While watching her video of her Shotover Jet trip I caught a few more words from her. She was ecstatic and thought it was the best thing she had done for ages. Full of life she could not have raved about her ride more saying “that was just awesome, you’ve got to do it, just got to do it”.