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Fashion Accessory #shotoverjet Take 1


 We are all about sharing the love at Shotover Jet. As the temperature drops and the winter woollies are dug out from storage, Shotover Jet is preparing to keep your ears and your noses toasty warm this winter when you take a trip on our ‘Big Reds’ with a Shotover Jet scarf.  An order of 50,000 have just arrived after a long boat ride ready for when those winter mornings start. Shotover Jet does not stop just because the season has changed.

  The Shotover Jet scarf is not just a one-wear wonder. It is the fashion accessory that just keeps on giving. As we are all about multiple-tasking at Shotover Jet, I thought it best to use the talented staff we already have to help create some fashion accessory tips for the Shotover Jet scarves. Having such a talented bunch to choose from, I thought auditions may have been needed but it seems that a few were too camera shy to clip their ticket in the model search. There were many willing to be an audience during many rehearsals as they watched their colleagues get tongue twisted and flushed. However, through cleaver team work, thank you to my models Ollie and Tomika, we have  complied 12 different ways to wear this very trendy and standout fashion accessory that really does need to be added to your wardrobe.

 Whether you need something to keep your hair off your face, wipe the sweat from your brow or keep your nose and ears toasty warm, here at Shotover Jet we have your fashion accessory sorted providing some entertaining lessons to help you get started. Wear your Shotover Jet scarf proudly and be a trendsetter.