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Shotover Jet eyes TV presenter for WRC team

Shotover Jet test WRC team car

Shotover Jet today announced that it was eyeing Jeremy Clarkson up as a possible option to lead their proposed team that would contest Rally New Zealand in 2016 when the event rejoined the WRC tour.  
Marketing manager Nigel Kerr explained that “Shotover Jet is an iconic brand for New Zealand tourism.  Now in its 50th year of operation nothing says flagship like competing on an international stage.”
“The WRC combines everything that embodies Shotover Jet.  It’s fast and reactive, requiring a support team that are both technically and mechanically ahead of the game.  It’s a perfect stage to reinforce the brand globally” he added.
Mr Kerr noted that Shotover Jet was being very realistic in needing to bring to the team two key partnerships.  A car manufacturer and a renowned driver.  But while winning is a goal, how you go about it can be even more important.
Business manager for Shotover Jet Mr Clark Scott was pretty upbeat when asked to give his opinion.  “Given Jeremy Clarksons’ current situation it’s a logical step to be in discussions with him.  We may not place at the forefront but we will certainly be entertaining and ensure strong promotion which will help make Shotover Jet a truly global brand.  The Rally of New Zealand may well be a stepping stone to even bigger things”
With the finance already confirmed between a syndicate of Shotover Jet itself and prominent Queenstown business people Mr Kerr has given the company until the end of July to get its partners lined up.  “Until then the team in the workshop are working on remodeling an existing frame and testing it between servicing our fleet of Big Red jetboats.  Quite a few people have noted it around Queenstown recently, and now they know why”