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Glenn Scott - River Operations Manager

Nick Name: Grub

Born:13th January

Grew Up:Waimumu - New Zealand

Background:Policeman and Jet Boat Driver

Employed Since:March 2008

Hobbies:Surfing, Snorkelling and Flying

Donald Boyer - Head Jet Boat Driver

Nick Name: Ducky

Born:Gore, New Zealand

Grew Up:Gore


Employed Since:October 2014

Hobbies:Boating, Fishing, Camping and Poker

Nick Simpson - Senior Jet Boat Driver

Nick Name: Doofy

Born:16th October

Grew Up:Between Rakaia and Methven

Background:Farm Management and Child Camp Councillor

Employed Since:May 2001

Hobbies:Spending time with my kids, Mountain Biking and Skiing

Andy Keele - Senior Jet Boat Driver

Nick Name: Nana

Born:Back seat of a model T

Grew Up:Mid Canterbury

Background:Canvas fabricator and Jet Boating

Employed Since:Firstly in 2002 and now again since October 2015

Hobbies:Skiing, Fishing and Travelling

Andy Patchett - Senior Jet Boat Driver

Nick Name: AP


Grew Up:Sunshine Coast & Auckland

Background:Building trade, NZ Territorial Army

Employed Since:May 2012

Hobbies:Mountain biking, surfing and snowboarding

Mike Cammell - Jet Boat Driver

Nick Name: Camel

Born:In hospital

Grew Up:Piha - New Zealand

Background:Bull Rider, Automotive

Employed Since:August 2004

Hobbies:Fishing, Bull Riding, Gold Prospecting and raising my twins to look after Daddy in his Golden Years!

Niam Chronican - Senior Jet Boat Driver

Nick Name: Buttercup


Grew Up:Dunedin

Background:Surf Lifesaver

Employed Since:May 2014

Hobbies:Snowboarding and Water Sports

Ryan Black - Senior Jet Boat Driver

Nick Name: Flat White


Grew Up:Dunedin

Background:Retail manager

Employed Since:September 2014

Hobbies:Mountain biking, snowboarding and drinking coffee

Tim Winsloe - Jet Boat Driver

Nick Name: Rosie


Grew Up:Glenorchy


Employed Since:May 2016

Hobbies:Hunting, fishing, golf, motor biking

Jeremy Nelson - Jet Boat Driver

Nick Name: Jez


Grew Up:Northland

Background:Building / Farming

Employed Since:June 2016

Hobbies:Sports, outdoors, and adventures

Mathew Chalmers - Jet Boat Driver

Nick Name: Butters


Grew Up:Queenstown

Background:Bus Driver and Customer Services for Shotover Jet

Employed Since:2014

Hobbies:Curling and hanging with my son

Hamish Grant - Jet Boat Driver

Nick Name: Hamster

Background:Shuttle Driver and Customer Services

Employed Since:January 2014

Hobbies:Drumming, Ice Hockey

Phil Parker - Jet Boat Driver

Nick Name: Philapotimus

Grew Up:Haven't finished growing up yet

Background:Decided to be a jet boat driver because my ballet career wasn't taking off.

Employed Since:May 2016

Hobbies:Hang out with family and go for walks in the hills. Listen to my favourite band Little Barrie and eat Japanese food...not all at once!

Pieter Bulling - Jet Boat Driver

Nick Name: Pedals

Born:2 March 1993

Grew Up:Invercargill

Background:X Olympian track cyclist

Employed Since:Oct - 17

Hobbies:Jet boating!!!! 4WD and Mountain biking