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Hey Guys and Gals,

Here’s your chance to make your Summer Endless. 

You’ll be rewarded for ‘cranking’ through the bookings for Shotover Jet, Dart River Adventures and Guided Walks NZ from 1 December 2017 until 31 March 2018.

We’re giving away prizes each month based on the bookings made during that month.  But hang-in there and catch the surf for our epic end-of-incentive prize.

This is how Endless Summer works:

Book a full paying guest (either adult or child) and you’ll earn points.

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  • Adult and Children bookings are eligible.  We’re keeping it simple – 1 point for either.
  • Sorry combos and family packs aren’t eligible.

We’ll let you know at the end of the month what points you’ve accumulated*

We’ll ‘drop in’ with your reward prizes early the following month, depending on how many points you’ve earned. Here’s how easy it is to accumulate points.

Repeat each month ending with the last selling day being 31 March 2018.

Catch your very own waves with our Round the World Ticket

You can catch some ‘air’ and do your own ‘360 degree’ turns around the world as you chase your Endless Summer if you win the epic round the world ticket.  

So don’t be a ‘barney’ and make those bookings so, you can start accumulating points and win.    What’s the point in being a ‘paddlepuss’ when you could win!

Check out your beach crew this summer – we’re here to help.

Teresa Wallace
360 Spin Specialist
Shotover Jet Ltd

Kim Botherway
Chief Paddler
Dart River Adventures

Trish May
Beach Controller
Guided Walks

P.S.  If you haven’t heard of the Endless Summer, here’s some info 

We’ll let you know if your points accumulation is per BUSINESS or per INDIVIDUAL within each business. 

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  • Participants (individuals and business) are invited to participate and participation is at the discretion of Ngāi Tahu Tourism.
  • Individual participants must be registered.  To be eligible to be in the draw for the round- the-world prize individual must have been selling each of the four months (December 2017, January – February – March 2018).
  • Points are awarded for per full paying guest – adult and child are each the same – one point.  Sorry no points for combos, family passes or other discounts (except Shotover Jet sunrise/sunset).
  • Points are awarded each month and then zeroed back for the next month.  So your points are not cumulative over the four month period. 
  • However your cumulative points across the four months will be used to rank you.  The top 10 businesses/individuals will be in the draw for the round-the-world ticket. This will be drawn randomly after 31 March 2018.  
  • The round-the- world ticket is in the form of a travel voucher to the equivalent value with a provider approved by Ngāi Tahu Tourism. 

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