Sunrise Jet

Hold on tight as you blast through the canyons on the very first trip of the day!

How cold does it get?

You need to dress warmly as the air in the canyons first trip is always cold. Warm clothes, jacket, hat and gloves (although the handrails on the boats are heated) are strongly recommended. At all times, sunglasses are recommended to keep the wind out of your eyes.

What time is the sunrise trip?

The time of day varies with the seasons. Our current schedule is below:

8.15am 20 January – 29 February
8.30am 1 March – 30 April
9.00am 1 May – 31 August
8.30am 1 September – 16 December

Prices valid until 30 September 2019.


$155.00 $135.00


$89.00 $69.00

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Terms and Conditions

  • Sunrise Jet times vary throughout the year based on changing length of day.
  • Sunrise Jet is available every day until 20 December each year.
  • Children are between 5-15 years of age and must be a minimum of 1m in height*.
  • If customers miss the first departure they will be charged an upgrade fee to go on a later departure, making up the difference in price.
  • If Shotover Jet postpones or cancels the Sunrise trip for any reason we will honour the booking on the next available trip.
  • When purchased as an open dated voucher it must be confirmed for departure at the existing Sunrise time or Shotover Jet will charge the customers the difference between the product purchased and the product available when the voucher is presented.
  • *Shotover Jet reserves the right to increase the minimum height to 1.2m in high water.
  • Prices valid until 30 September 2019.