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Prepare yourself for the ultimate Jet Boating experience with Shotover Jet - the unique, breathtaking white water ride and adrenaline rush you’ll never forget.

Adult $155 / Child $89 / Family $399 

From the moment the accelerator hits the floor, your adrenaline hits the roof. You’ll speed over 10cm deep water, along the famous Shotover River and deep into the spectacular Shotover River Canyons.

It’s an amazing white water ride, as the Shotover Canyon walls tower over you, your expert driver puts his state-of-the-art Big Red Jet Boat through its paces. At 85kph he’ll skillfully whip the powerful boat past rocky outcrops, skim around crags and boulders, and speed through the dramatic and narrow canyons. Rock faces blur in your peripheral vision and the water sprays into a myriad of white water crystals with every turn.


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Adult $155 / child $89/ Family $399


Insist on the 'Big Reds' of Shotover Jet, 'The World's Most Exciting Jet Boat Ride' and the only company permitted to operate in the spectacular Shotover River Canyons.

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PLEASE NOTE: Prices valid until 30 September 2019

Gift Vouchers:

Gift vouchers are available and make the perfect gift for family or friends. Buy gift voucher online and save the PDF to print or email to the lucky recipient.

Terms & Conditions: If a voucher is only valid for set departures or for a less than the 12 months validity of the purchase, Shotover Jet will charge the price difference.

Shotover Jet Reservations

Reservations are essential, book now to avoid disappointment.
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Phone: +64 3 442 8570
Free Phone (within New Zealand only): 0800 SHOTOVER (0800 746 868)
Find Us:Shotover Jet Beach, Gorge Road, Arthurs Point, PO Box 189, Queenstown 9348, New Zealand



Your safety is paramount, and with a fleet of 7 identical twin engine Jet Boats and an unparalleled maintenance and risk management programme, Shotover Jet continues to raise industry safety standards. The following information outlines Shotover Jet’s safety practices and features.

Shotover Jet has been operating commercial Jet Boats in the Shotover River Canyons since 1965. Over that time, and into the future, safety remains the main consideration for the company.

Commercial jet boating is a highly safety conscious industry subject to rigorous regulation, and our aim is to ensure that customers enjoy an experience that meets the very highest safety standards. We pride ourselves on having internal systems and procedures in place that meet, and in most cases exceed, the exacting industry and official requirements. In order to ensure that we are operating at peak safety and efficiency, we are always willing to examine aspects of our operations with customers and suppliers.

Please feel free to contact us if there is any aspect of this page you would like to discuss.



Designed for Maximum Speed, Strength and Manoeuvrability

Built here in Queenstown, Big Red was designed specifically to handle the Shotover River Canyons. Made for maximum speed, strength and manoeuvrability, Big Red is powered by twin 350 Mercruiser V8 engines, producing a combined 700 horsepower. Propulsion, steering and control is provided through two Hamilton 212 jet units, thrusting 760 litres of water per second. This unique combination of design and configuration means Big Red can travel up to 85kph in as little as 10cm of water, and is capable of spinning 360°, something no other Queenstown jet boat can do.

SOJ Canyons 1


Water is drawn in through two intakes at the bottom of the boat, two jet units containing internal propellers then compress and drive the water out through two jet nozzles at the rear, at nearly 400 litres of water per second per Jet Unit. It’s the force of this water that propels the Jet Boat.

Steering is achieved by turning the jet nozzles, which changes the direction of the water forced out the back of the Jet Boat. It can also brake and reverse using deflectors and thrust buckets similar to a jet aircraft.

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  • Allow 1.5 hours Queenstown return, including 25 minutes on the water for your Jet Boat ride.
  • Check in opens 30 minutes prior to trip departure.
  • Big Red Jet Boats depart up to every 15 minutes and operate every day (weather and river conditions permitting) except Christmas day.
  • Complimentary shuttles depart ‘The Station’ Information Centre (corner Camp and Shotover Streets) up to every 15 minutes.
  • Self drive – located 7kms from Queenstown. Click here to view our location.


  • A minimum height of 1 metre applies.
  • Should river conditions on the day dictate, Shotover Jet does reserve the right to extend the minimum height to 1.2 metres to ensure maximum passenger safety. 
  • Infants (under 5 years) must be ticketed, but are free with a fare paying adult. 
  • A child fare applies to children aged 5 - 15.
  • Both children and infants must travel with a fare paying adult (16 years +).
  • Please speak with one of our team if you are pregnant or have any medical conditions including back or neck problems.



  • Life jackets (mandatory).
  • Full length spray jackets (optional).
  • Complimentary shuttle transfers from the ‘The Station’ Information Centre.
  • Onsite specialised photography service and ‘Jet Cam’ video cameras mounted on your Jet Boat will capture your experience and photos and video highlights of your trip are available for no obligation viewing immediately after your trip.


  • Eyewear (sunglasses / glasses) recommended year round.
  • Warm clothes, jacket, hat and gloves are strongly recommended in winter (although hand rails on the Jet Boats are heated).
  • For safety reasons, the use of handheld personal cameras and video cameras are not permitted aboard the Jet Boats. 

SOJ Cooldriver