Shotover Jet operates on an exclusive area of the Shotover River and is the only company permitted to operate within its spectacular canyons, carved out over the ages by a vast volume of fast flowing water. The very grandeur of this spectacular environment and stunning scenic vistas, less than 10 minutes’ drive from Queenstown, adds to the excitement and exclusivity of the Shotover Jet experience. Located on Arthurs Point Road, the shotover bridge is our iconic viewing platform to see the jetboats below!

The Shotover Jet River Base is an easy 7km drive from central Queenstown. Drive up Shotover Street (with Lake Wakatipu behind you) and onto Gorge Road. Travel along Gorge Road towards Arthurs Point and Coronet Peak. Carry on until you come to a large one lane bridge (Edith Cavell Bridge), cross this, and the Shotover Jet entry is immediately on your left. If you’re travelling using GPS or Google maps, plug in “3 Arthurs Point Road, Arthurs Point, Queenstown 9371” to get you moving in the right direction.

In November 1862, gold was discovered in the Shotover River on the very beach where we operate by Thomas Arthur. The Shotover river has the distinction of being known as New Zealand’s richest! Second only to the Klondike world-wide. The gold and the rush it brought helped build ports, roads and railways to open up Central Otago for the farmers and merchants who followed. 

The original shotover bridge was built in 1871, and then washed away by floods in 1878. After rebuilding and reopening in 1915, the Old Lower Shotover Bridge is an impressive 172 metres long, and 16 metres above the Shotover River!